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I cry over the London cast of Jersey Boys a lot

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"Am I now supposed to go on Oprah and cry and tell you my deepest, darkest secrets because you want to know?"
He’s better than James Winter (but then again I saw Chris and I’ve only listened to an audio of James but…. yeah I don’t really like what I’ve heard of James)

i haven’t heard james so i can’t tell :/

but basically i like most of the people in the london casts

not too crazy about glenn and phillip tho

and there was a frankie understudy i wasn’t crazy about but can’t remember who it was

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yeah like mark is the only person i’d be happy seeing instead of jon and gosh i really love Bobs and like we’ve been lucky in London with the principals and *most* of the Bob understudies


and yeah pretty much all the bobs are great in london

i am still not sure about chris as bob tho

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oh i wouldn’t mind really!

then i shall love you forever

*sends you chocolate and puppies and pia and rainbows and presents and love*

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You can always tweet them and ask??? But like I can vouch for 1st cover Bob because he’s A+++ but I haven’t seen anyone bar Jonny Boo as Tommy???

yeah i am going for the show firstly of course and i love that jersey boys has a lot of really great understudies

i’d like to see edd cos it’s edd but of course i’ll be happy with someone else too! especially is it is the one you saw on sunday cos you say he’s great and i know you know your bobs

jon is the best tbh i can’t really imagine a show without him? there are a lot of tommys that have good voices but most of them go over the top in the acting and jon does it just right

but if he is off i hope mark will be on cos mark is great

and yeah i might tweet them in may or smth and ask

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Well I heard he was going to become the principal so??? We can try and plan it around the schedule!

yeah i heard that too

great then!

i keep checking on twitter whether jon or edd announced vacation dates or something cos i’d love it if i could see them too

but maybe it’s a bit early still

I bet he’s brilliant! Omg did she take audio of it??? Ugh that makes me really want to see him now because we’ve heard complete opposites of the scale and now I want to know which one’s right!

no she didn’t :/

yeah i wanna see him too(and i hope he’s on when we go in july)

well maybe he improved a whole lot? and probably will with time? maybe he didn’t have a chance before to go on much as frankie or even rehearse much as frankie?

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i can upload it for you if you want?

oh no, i don’t want you to go through trouble of uploading because of me

the person hasn’t contacted me yet asking “where is my video” so they’ll wait a bit more

but thank you, you are very nice

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this person will probably never get that rebecca video

i was uploading a part and it got up to 80% and then it just returned to 5% like what

Ahh thank you! I’m in no rush (my internet has been terrible too!)

no problem!

maybe i’m biased but i like edd’s bob crewe!

oh and random but my friend saw the show yesterday and she saw michael and said she thinks he was brilliant so that’s good? (because at first we heard differently)

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