I'm Franka and I like movies and musical theatre

I cry over the London cast of Jersey Boys a lot

previously misshazelflagg/ryansmolloy

oooh need to look for the songs then!

and aww that’s so adorable, it’s his own bootleg :’)

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Oh, not to worry! I still like your blog regardless :)

yay then awesome thank you!


Do you know why I like Peter Jöback so much?

Because he’s always got jöback.

Originally, I followed you b/c of Walbrook.

so sorry anon, i don’t post him that much anymore :/

anton’s great tho and i love him and i downloaded some films i haven’t yet seen and i’ll probably gif something after i do 

(sorry this blog turned into such a huge mess)

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Why do you follow me? Put the reason in my ask.

I have a lot of Stephen if you’re ever looking for something

thank you that’s really nice of you!

i think i’m good so far tho, i have a couple of audios of him in jersey boys, one of legally blonde, two from bom and a video of bom

i don’t know if he’s been in something else?? (i mean that has a recording of some sort)

also if you ever want something i might have just let me know!

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They played at hearts as other children might play at ball; only, as it was really their two hearts that they flung to and fro, they had to be very, very handy to catch them, each time, without hurting them.

when i first found out about legally blonge the musical i laughed and thought ‘wow how silly’ and now i have 12 videos of the show

hobbies include collecting any audios or videos which have either former or current jersey boys london cast members

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